Required modifications to the issuance of Remote Access credentials (user IDs and passwords) for access to the DNI-U/OSIS private network.

Intelink services are hosted on the DNI-U/OSIS private network. That network is accessible from approximately 75 connections in the U.S. and around the globe, to include the DoD NIPRNet, serving both U.S. Government entities as well as federally funded partners. Due to the level of controlled accessibility and requirements for validating access authorization, Intelink is compelled to modify its policy with respect to Remote Access accounts.

The responsibility and authority for vetting and validating system and network access authorization and the issuance of access credentials rests with the organization with which a user has a formal relationship as either an employee or contractor. The Intelink organization is not in a position to independently validate the identities and system access authorizations of individuals. As such, and consistent with access control requirements, whenever access to Intelink is available via controlled environments with connections to the DNI-U network, users will need to work with their employing organization to gain such access.

The Intelink Service Management Center understands that this may cause some confusion or inconvenience to individual users. However, we are required to make these changes to ensure compliance with the confidentiality and integrity requirements of the DNI-U information environment.